Thursday May 16, 2024

86 | The number one reason you are feeling overwhelmed in postpartum

Show Notes for Episode: Embracing Imperfection: The Real Reasons You Feel Overwhelmed as a New Mom

Hello, amazing moms! Welcome to today’s episode where we dive deep into the emotional rollercoaster that is the postpartum period. If you’ve ever felt like you’re just not cut out for this, or if every little cry from your baby sends you into a spiral of self-doubt, this is the episode for you.

Introduction to Postpartum Overwhelm: Postpartum isn’t just about physical recovery; it’s a profound emotional journey too. You spent your pregnancy worried about labor, and now, faced with a baby who needs you relentlessly, it's easy to feel like you’re failing at the most basic tasks.

Personal Story: I’ll share a poignant moment from my own life, walking into Target with my newborn son. His casts were clearly visible, and I felt every stare as a dagger of judgment. What I thought was best for my baby seemed to invite silent criticism, magnifying my deepest fear—that I wasn’t cut out for motherhood.

Navigating Early Motherhood Challenges:

  • The constant touching and lack of personal space.
  • The sleepless nights and unending tears (from both you and your baby).
  • The societal pressure to make all the right choices from day one.

Key Questions Every New Mom Faces:

  • Decisions about returning to work and choosing the right daycare.
  • Debates over healthcare choices like vaccinations and selecting a pediatrician.
  • Concerns about relationship dynamics post-baby and introducing solid foods.

The Core of Our Overwhelm: It’s the fear of imperfection. The anxiety that every decision might be a misstep. But here’s what we need to understand—feeling overwhelmed is not only normal, it’s expected.

Empowering Message: You are supposed to mess up. It’s part of the process, and it’s how we learn, grow, and become better parents. Today, we’ll explore why embracing these imperfections not only alleviates our stress but also enriches our journey through motherhood.

Closing Thoughts: Join me as we tackle these hard topics with compassion and honesty. It’s time to shed the unrealistic expectations and embrace the beautifully messy reality of being a new mom. You’re doing an amazing job, and you’re exactly the mom your baby needs.

Tune in to unravel the complexities of postpartum life and discover how to find peace and confidence in the chaos. Let’s learn together how to forgive ourselves for our imperfections and celebrate the small victories every day.

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