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Are you a new postpartum mom struggling to find yourself amid extreme fatigue and sleep deprivation? Do you find yourself rocking your baby late at night, googling to see if your baby’s sleeping, eating, and pooping are “normal” - and finding yourself even more confused? Do you worry that you’re doing everything wrong as a new mom and wish you could trust that you are the best mom for your baby? You’re in the right place. Say goodbye to the late-night panic searches about sleep patterns and nursing questions, and welcome to the New Mom Naturopath podcast! In this podcast, we’ll explore how to find - and feel like - yourself again in the busy, beautiful world of being a new mom. I’ll answer your postpartum questions about sleep patterns, nursing and feeding, caring for your baby, yourself, and your needs. I am Dr. Kailyn Galloway, a mom and naturopath who loves everything postpartum. My son was diagnosed with clubfeet while I was pregnant. He was a healthy baby, but my postpartum experience was nothing like I thought it would be. Despite my education, I still felt anxious about whether I could be the mom my son needed me to be. To find peace, I tried everything - researching, meditating, and journaling. No matter what I did, I worried I wasn’t enough. But here’s the thing: postpartum anxiety is a reality for many, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. You’re not alone. Through focusing on my mental health, doing lots of research, and trial and error, I was able to create a practical plan for post-baby life that worked for me. And now I’m excited to share it with you! If you want to feel calmer, more patient, and confident as a mom... If you’re interested in practical stress-reduction techniques that fit your hectic schedule… If you want to understand your body’s changes in postpartum, use that to be more energetic and attentive… Then you’ve found your sanctuary in the New Mom Naturopath podcast. Grab a snack and lots of water—nursing cover optional—and let’s discover how to be the mom you’ve always wanted to be. Want a personalized plan for finding who you are as a mom? Sign up for a free coaching call today. Click here:

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93 | Week 3 Postpartum Guide

Monday Jun 10, 2024

Monday Jun 10, 2024

Show Notes for Episode 93: Your Postpartum Guide - Week Three
Welcome back, amazing moms! As we dive into week three of your postpartum journey on the New Mom Naturopath Podcast, I'm thrilled to share insights into the physiological changes, emotional shifts, and developments you might notice in your baby during this crucial time. My goal is to arm you with knowledge to make informed decisions and navigate these changes with confidence.
This Week's Focus:
Understanding the numerous transformations your body and mind undergo in postpartum week three is vital. We'll discuss what's happening physiologically, the common emotional states, and how your baby is adapting and growing.
Expectations for Week Three:
Your Physiology: Learn about the changes in your body as it continues to heal and adjust post-birth. From hormonal fluctuations to physical recovery, know what to expect and how to care for yourself.
Your Emotional State:Postpartum brings a rollercoaster of emotions. We'll explore why these feelings are intense during this week and how to manage them effectively.
Baby's Development: Your little one is also going through significant changes. We'll cover what milestones to look for and how to support your baby's health and happiness.
Empowering You with Information:
Each guide I've created is designed to be a learning tool to help you become the best mom you can be. I hope this series not only educates but also empowers you to thrive during this transformative period.
Connect and Learn More:
Have questions or need more personalized advice? Connect with me on Instagram at Dr. Kaylin Galloway or join our community via the link in the show notes where I actively engage and answer your questions.
Story of the Week:
I'll share a personal anecdote about the overwhelming anxiety I felt waiting for my husband during a particularly tough evening. This story highlights the common feelings of isolation and overwhelm many new moms experience and offers a segue into practical advice for coping during tough times.
What's Next:
Looking ahead, I encourage you to stay tuned for more helpful tips and deep dives into postpartum care. If you're struggling with any aspect of motherhood, remember, you're not alone, and it's okay to seek help.
A Special Invitation:
Lastly, I have openings for free coaching sessions designed to address your unique needs during postpartum. If you're interested, please click the link in the show notes to schedule a one-on-one call with me. Click here to schedule that call with me today: Click here to schedule a Free Postpartum Support Call
Thank you for tuning in this week. Remember, every day is a step forward, and with the right information and support, you can navigate this beautiful, challenging time with grace and strength. See you in the next episode as we continue to support each other through the incredible journey of motherhood!
Here is the link to the facebook group: 
Link to coaching call: 
Link to my instagram page:

92 | Week 2 Postpartum Guide

Thursday Jun 06, 2024

Thursday Jun 06, 2024

Week 2 Postpartum Guide
Podcast: New Mom Naturopath
Host: Dr. Kailyn Galloway
Welcome to Week 2 of our postpartum 12-week series! In today's episode, Dr. Kailyn Galloway dives into the changes and challenges that new moms face during the second week postpartum. This episode is filled with insights, tips, and personal anecdotes to help you navigate this crucial time. 
Episode Highlights:
1. Adjusting to Week 2:   - The significant decrease in blood flow and hormone levels.   - Physical changes, including the reduction in swelling and return to pre-pregnancy blood pressure levels.   - Emotional rollercoaster due to hormone withdrawal, and how common it is to feel overwhelmed and cry over small things.
2. Hormonal and Physical Changes:   - The role of Relaxin in your body and how it affects your blood vessels and ligaments.   - The ongoing process of your uterus shrinking back to its normal size and the associated cramping.   - Increased kidney function leading to frequent urination and its impact on your comfort.
3. Breastfeeding and Lactation:   - Tips for managing engorgement and ensuring a good latch.   - Importance of balancing nursing on both sides to avoid discomfort and uneven milk production.   - Using breast milk for minor ailments like mucousy eyes or nasal congestion in your baby.
4. Emotional Support and Self-Care:   - The importance of giving yourself grace and not expecting perfection.   - Encouraging new moms to set aside time for self-care, even if it means putting the baby down for a moment.   - Highlighting the need for support and suggesting joining Dr. Galloway's Facebook group for community and advice.
5. Free Coaching Calls:   - Dr. Galloway offers free coaching calls to help new moms manage the stress and challenges of postpartum.   - How to schedule a free coaching call via the link in the show notes.
6. Practical Advice:   - Encouraging the use of a lactation consultant for personalized breastfeeding support.   - Tips on using household items like pillows for better breastfeeding positions.   - The benefits of having formula on hand and not feeling guilty about using it if needed.
Closing Thoughts:Dr. Galloway reassures new moms that they are doing a great job, despite the challenges and emotional ups and downs of the postpartum period. Tune in next Monday for Week 3, which will focus on mental and emotional support.
Links and Resources:- Schedule a Free Coaching Call- Join the Facebook Group- Apple Podcasts - Leave a Review
Thank you for listening, and remember, you're not alone on this journey!

Monday Jun 03, 2024

91  - Postpartum Week 1 
Podcast Show Notes:
Episode Title: Navigating the Fourth Trimester: Week 1 Insights
Host: Dr. Kailyn Galloway
In this inaugural episode of our 12-part series, Dr. Kaylin Galloway dives deep into the first week of the postpartum period, guiding new moms through the physiological changes, emotional challenges, and infant developmental milestones that occur during this critical time. 
Key Takeaways:
Postpartum Physiology: Learn about the significant physiological changes in your body, including heart rate fluctuations, blood pressure changes, and hormone drops.
Emotional Well-being: Dr. Galloway discusses the common mental and emotional challenges new mothers face and provides practical tips for managing anxiety and stress.
Infant Development: Understand the developmental milestones of your newborn, from their sleep patterns to their reflexes.
Breastfeeding Insights: Explore the dynamics of milk production, the importance of nipple stimulation, and managing common breastfeeding challenges.
Postpartum Self-Care: Discover strategies for self-care, managing postpartum bleeding (lochia), and the importance of hydration and nutrition.
Special Announcement:
Dr. Galloway is offering five free slots for her New Mom Anxiety Coaching calls. These one-on-one sessions will help you address issues like anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and more. 
Click Here  to book your session   
Resources Mentioned:
- Episode on how the body produces milk postpartum
- Tips for anxious first-time moms about diapers
- Breastfeeding tips for when you want to give up
- Navigating the first two weeks postpartum
- Overview of hormonal and physiological changes postpartum
Connect with Dr. Kailyn Galloway:
- Website:
- E-mail:
- Follow on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and support
Listener Action Items:
- Share this episode with a friend or family member going through postpartum.
- Leave a written review on Apple Podcasts to let us know how the show is helping you.
- Remember, it's okay to set the crying baby down and take time for yourself.
Next Episode:
Join us next time as we delve into Week 2 of the postpartum period, covering more about your body’s recovery and your baby’s development. 
Subscribe and Stay Updated:
Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe to The New Mom Naturopath Podcast for more insights and support through your postpartum journey.
Thank you for tuning in! Take care of yourself, and we'll see you in the next episode.

Thursday May 30, 2024

Show Notes for Episode 90: The Number One Way to Increase Your Milk Supply When Breastfeeding
Today, we’re tackling a topic that I know is on the minds of many breastfeeding mothers: how to increase your milk supply. If you've ever felt concerned about your milk production, you're certainly not alone.
I've heard countless tips and tricks over the years about boosting milk supply, and it can be overwhelming to sift through all the advice. Today, we’re going to cut through the noise and focus on the most effective strategies backed by physiology and expert advice.
First, we'll dive into the physiology of milk production and the let-down reflex. Understanding these biological processes can help you optimize your body's natural ability to produce milk.
Next, we'll explore the infant sucking reflex and its crucial role in stimulating milk production. This will give you insight into how your baby's feeding habits influence your milk supply.
The primary concept we'll discuss is the idea of 'empty to increase supply.' This means increasing the frequency of breast stimulation—whether by nursing or pumping—rather than extending the length of each session. It’s about how often, not how long.
Additional Ways to Boost Supply:
Adequate Hydration: While staying hydrated is essential, you don't need to overdo it. We'll debunk some myths and set realistic expectations for fluid intake.
Adequate Nutrition: We'll discuss the importance of maintaining good nutrition, continuing your prenatal vitamins, and ensuring you're getting enough protein and overall caloric intake.
Lastly, I highly recommend talking to an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). They can provide personalized advice and support to help you understand and increase your milk supply effectively, without adding to your stress.
We’ll summarize today’s insights and remind you that while breastfeeding can be challenging, the right information and support can make a significant difference. You're doing an amazing job, and sometimes, just a few tweaks can improve your breastfeeding experience.
Thank you for joining today. Remember, you're not alone in this journey—we’re here to support you every step of the way. Until next time, take care of yourself and keep nurturing both yourself and your little one.

Monday May 27, 2024

Show Notes for Episode 89: Struggling with Fatigue in Postpartum? 3 Tips for Increasing Your Energy Right Now
Need more support mama? Click here to schedule a FREE postpartum support call
Hey, Mama, today, we're addressing a common challenge that nearly every new mom faces: postpartum extreme fatigue. It’s totally normal to feel exhausted after childbirth, but that doesn't make it any easier to handle, especially when you're caring for a newborn. In this episode, we'll explore practical strategies to help you boost your energy and manage fatigue during this intense time.
Fatigue is expected in the postpartum period, but understanding your personal limits is crucial. Recognizing and accepting these limits can prevent overexertion and help manage your energy better.
Here’s What We’ll Cover Today:
Realize Your Limits: We discuss the importance of listening to your body and respecting its signals. Learning to pace yourself can help preserve energy throughout the day.
Maintain Routines Like Your Newborn: Just as routines are beneficial for babies, they can also help you. Structuring your day around predictable patterns can reduce stress and help you manage time and energy more effectively.
Easy Access to Nutrition: Keeping nutritious snacks and meals within easy reach is vital. We’ll talk about setting up your space so that fueling your body becomes a seamless part of your day, helping to maintain your energy levels.
And a bonus tip to help you along the way! 
Thank you for joining today. Remember, it's okay to feel tired as a new mom, but there are ways to help manage it. You're doing an incredible job, and with a bit of planning and self-care, you can regain some of that much-needed energy.

Thursday May 23, 2024

Show Notes for Episode 88: 3 Tips For Preventing Diaper Rash in a Newborn
Hello, amazing moms! Welcome back to the podcast. Today, we're diving into a common but often troublesome issue that many new parents face—diaper rash. If you’ve ever dealt with diaper rash in your little one, you know how distressing it can be for both you and your baby. Fortunately, there are straightforward steps you can take to prevent this uncomfortable condition.
Introduction to Diaper Rash Prevention:
Diaper rash can seem like an inevitable part of baby care, but there are effective ways to minimize the risk and keep your baby’s skin healthy. Drawing from the advice of Dayne's boss, who has been through this and found what works, today we're sharing three key tips that are easy to implement.
Key Prevention Tips:
Keep It Dry: Moisture is the enemy when it comes to diaper rash. I’ll discuss the importance of changing diapers frequently to ensure your baby’s skin stays dry and rash-free. This might seem straightforward, but keeping ahead of moisture can be challenging during busy days or nighttime hours.
Use Clear and White Products: We’ll explore why using clear or white diapering products can make a big difference. These products are typically free from dyes and perfumes that can irritate a baby's sensitive skin, helping to prevent diaper rash before it starts.
Avoid Scented Diapers: The allure of scented diapers can be strong, but these products often contribute to skin irritation. I’ll give a special shout out to Costco’s unscented diapers as a great option for parents looking to protect their baby’s delicate skin.
Wrap-Up and Resources:
We’ll summarize today’s tips and discuss additional resources where you can learn more about newborn care and skin health. This is about giving you the tools you need to prevent diaper rash effectively, making your baby care routine a little easier.
Closing Thoughts:
Dealing with diaper rash can be stressful, but with these tips, you can take proactive steps to protect your baby’s skin. Remember, every small measure can contribute to your baby’s comfort and well-being.
Thanks for tuning in to today’s episode. Remember, you’re doing a great job, and you're not alone in navigating the challenges of new parenthood. We're here to help with advice and support every step of the way.
Interested in New Mom Anxiety relief sessions? Visit Click Here for your FREE Postpartum Support Call

Monday May 20, 2024

Show Notes for Episode 87: 3 Things to Do When You Are Nap Trapped as Anxious Postpartum Mom
Welcome back, wonderful moms! Today’s episode tackles a topic that I know resonates deeply with many of you: feeling "nap trapped" during those precious yet challenging moments when your baby is asleep, and you're caught between the need to rest and a whirlwind of tasks. If you’ve ever felt stuck and anxious during these times, this episode is crafted just for you.
Introduction to Being Nap Trapped:
It’s common to feel trapped or immobilized while your baby naps. You might be physically restricted under a sleeping baby, or feel like you can’t move around much for fear of waking them. This can often amplify postpartum anxiety as you’re torn between resting and tackling an ever-growing to-do list.
Here’s What We’ll Explore Today:
Optimize Your Feeding/Nursing Station: I'll share tips on how to set up a nursing or feeding station that ensures everything you need is within reach. This setup minimizes stress and maximizes efficiency, allowing you to relax a little while your baby sleeps.
Meditation Techniques: Incorporating meditation can significantly help manage anxiety. I’ll guide you through simple meditation techniques that you can do in a quiet moment, which are perfect for calming the mind and easing the tension of being nap trapped.
Embrace Learning: Being home with a baby doesn’t mean putting your personal growth on hold. We’ll talk about how you can use this time to learn something new—be it through a podcast, an audiobook, or an online course. This can be a wonderful way to redirect your mind and engage in something productive.
Bonus Tip - Finding 'You' Time:
Finding time for yourself might seem impossible in postpartum life, but it's crucial for your mental health. I’ll discuss how to find small pockets of 'you' time, even if it's just a few minutes to sip a cup of tea or read a page of a book.
Wrap-Up and Invitation to Our Community:
We’ll summarize today's insights and invite you to join our Facebook group where we continue these discussions. It’s a place to share experiences, seek advice, and find support from fellow moms who truly understand what you’re going through.
You’re doing an incredible job, and while being nap trapped can be challenging, it also offers an opportunity to slow down and care for yourself. Remember, taking care of your baby includes taking care of yourself.
Thanks for joining today. Don’t forget, you're not alone in this journey—we’re here to support you every step of the way. Until next time, take care of yourself and your little one.Interested in New Mom Anxiety relief sessions? Click here to get your FREE postpartum Support call 

Thursday May 16, 2024

Show Notes for Episode: Embracing Imperfection: The Real Reasons You Feel Overwhelmed as a New Mom
Hello, amazing moms! Welcome to today’s episode where we dive deep into the emotional rollercoaster that is the postpartum period. If you’ve ever felt like you’re just not cut out for this, or if every little cry from your baby sends you into a spiral of self-doubt, this is the episode for you.
Introduction to Postpartum Overwhelm: Postpartum isn’t just about physical recovery; it’s a profound emotional journey too. You spent your pregnancy worried about labor, and now, faced with a baby who needs you relentlessly, it's easy to feel like you’re failing at the most basic tasks.
Personal Story: I’ll share a poignant moment from my own life, walking into Target with my newborn son. His casts were clearly visible, and I felt every stare as a dagger of judgment. What I thought was best for my baby seemed to invite silent criticism, magnifying my deepest fear—that I wasn’t cut out for motherhood.
Navigating Early Motherhood Challenges:
The constant touching and lack of personal space.
The sleepless nights and unending tears (from both you and your baby).
The societal pressure to make all the right choices from day one.
Key Questions Every New Mom Faces:
Decisions about returning to work and choosing the right daycare.
Debates over healthcare choices like vaccinations and selecting a pediatrician.
Concerns about relationship dynamics post-baby and introducing solid foods.
The Core of Our Overwhelm: It’s the fear of imperfection. The anxiety that every decision might be a misstep. But here’s what we need to understand—feeling overwhelmed is not only normal, it’s expected.
Empowering Message: You are supposed to mess up. It’s part of the process, and it’s how we learn, grow, and become better parents. Today, we’ll explore why embracing these imperfections not only alleviates our stress but also enriches our journey through motherhood.
Closing Thoughts: Join me as we tackle these hard topics with compassion and honesty. It’s time to shed the unrealistic expectations and embrace the beautifully messy reality of being a new mom. You’re doing an amazing job, and you’re exactly the mom your baby needs.
Tune in to unravel the complexities of postpartum life and discover how to find peace and confidence in the chaos. Let’s learn together how to forgive ourselves for our imperfections and celebrate the small victories every day.

Monday May 13, 2024

Show Notes for Episode 85: Diaper Dilemmas? Everything You Didn't Know You Needed to Ask
Hello to all the amazing moms tuning in! Ever feel like you're supposed to magically know everything about handling newborns the moment you become a parent? Well, today we’re breaking down one of those supposedly "simple" tasks that turns out to be anything but: diapers. That’s right, we're answering all those diaper-related questions you might be too embarrassed to ask because, honestly, no one expects you to know all this stuff right off the bat.
Introduction to Diaper Basics: Diapering can seem straightforward until you're a few days in with a newborn. Suddenly, there are so many questions: What type of diapers should I buy? How do I ensure a good fit? And yes, the big one—what do I do about nighttime changes?
Personal Story: When I was a new mom, I thought diapers would be the least of my worries amid nursing, sleep deprivation, and decoding baby milestones. But as it turns out, even "simple" things can get complicated. Today, we'll unpack these everyday challenges and share some practical tips.
Key Diapering Tips:
Choosing the Right Diaper: We'll discuss what to consider when picking out diapers for your little one, from absorbency to material.
Ensuring a Good Fit: A well-fitting diaper can prevent a lot of common issues. I'll tell you what signs to look for to make sure the diaper fits just right.
Handling Nighttime Diaper Changes: To change or not to change in the middle of the night? That's a big question. I'll share insights on how to decide what's best for your baby and your sleep.
Recognizing When It’s Time for a Change: Learn to identify tell-tale signs that it's time for a fresh diaper before discomfort or a rash sets in.
Preventing and Treating Diaper Rash: I’ll offer some tried and tested tips to keep your baby's bottom happy and rash-free.
Special Note: Remember, what worked for me might not work for everyone. The key is to try different things and find what feels right for you and your baby. Trust your instincts—they're usually right on.
Bonus Tip: And because I can't resist sharing personal favorites, I’ll let you in on why Kirkland diapers have ended up being my go-to choice.
Whether you're a first-time parent or just looking for a refresher, this episode is packed with foundational knowledge and handy tips to help you navigate the diaper stage with a bit more confidence.
Closing Thoughts: Diapering is just one part of the incredible journey of parenthood. While it might seem overwhelming at times, you're doing an incredible job. Keep exploring, learning, and trusting yourself. You've got this, mama!

Thursday May 09, 2024

Introduction to Oversupply:
It’s common to stress over every drop of milk you produce. Watching those pumping sessions closely and seeing only a few ounces can be disheartening, especially when it feels like everyone else has a freezer full of milk. You might think having an oversupply would make life easier, but let's unpack why it can actually be quite the opposite.
I personally had a significant oversupply, and trust me, it was nothing short of chaotic. It was messy—milk leaked on everything all the time, leading to constant discomfort and a never-ending laundry pile.
The Downsides of Having Too Much Milk:
The Mess Factor: 
Increased Risk of Clogged Ducts: 
Greater Susceptibility to Mastitis: 
Reducing milk supply intentionally can be a delicate and frustrating process. I'll discuss some strategies that might help, but remember, it's often a trial-and-error journey.
While it might seem like having an excess of milk would ease all your breastfeeding woes, the reality can be much more complicated. Today's talk is all about shedding light on the less-discussed aspects of having too much milk and offering support and understanding to those who are experiencing these challenges.
If you're struggling with oversupply or just curious about the realities behind it, this episode is meant to provide you with insights and hopefully some relief in knowing you're not alone in this.
Thank you for tuning in. Remember, every mother's journey is unique, and while challenges can arise, you are doing an incredible job. Keep going, and know that we’re here to support you every step of the way. Until next time, take care of yourself and your little one!
Join my New Mom Facebook Group today! Visit


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